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  2022-06-24     Chino Valley Community Church     1969 N State Route 89     Negotialable   


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Job Title:                    Pastor

Reports to:                 Church Board

Position Status:         Part-time


The Pastor is responsible to the church for proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ, for using his skills in administrative leadership and for engaging in pastoral care ministries to meet the needs of persons in the church and in the community. The Pastor will ensure that the systems, practices and Bylaws of the church will responsibly and effectively support it’s ministry activities.

The Pastor is being initially hired for 20 hours per week for the performance of Pastoral duties and responsibilities. It is the hope of all parties for the Pastor’s hours to increase as the congregation and the budget increases. (Work hours include sermon preparation, Sunday worship & attending meetings.)

Responsibilities and Duties:

  1. Preaching and Teaching: It shall be the duty of the Pastor to set a good example to the congregation and to conduct all services on Sunday, Holidays and such other time as the congregation may desire. He shall direct the work of Christian Education, administer sacraments, shall perform all baptisms, weddings and funerals. He shall perform all duties as outlined by the Board. He shall make a reporting of his work monthly to the Board and provide a written report at the annual congregational meeting.
  2. Strategic leadership and planning: The Pastor shall be the spiritual leader of the church and shall work in the spirit of cooperation with the Church Board. The Pastor will help define strategic goals and vision for the church and will attend the monthly board meetings, the worship committee mtg. and other activities as needed to help clarify & execute those goals and objectives.
  3. Staff supervision and development: The Pastor shall provide leadership in the design and implementation of all church ministries. He shall maintain efficient and effective lines of communication between church staff, deacons and the congregation. He shall also direct the performance of the rite of attaining membership.
  4. Administration: The Pastor shall coordinate the administration of the church through appropriate staff and lay leadership teams, and ensures the completion of ministry, business, facility and logistical support functions through staff and lay volunteers. He must:
  1. Oversee the pastoral care needs of the congregation and, as necessary and time permits, share with others in hospital visitations, home visits, counseling, marriages and funerals.
  2. Coordinate the secretary and office volunteers and provide direction as needed for the effective functioning of the office.
  1. Evaluation and compensation: The Pastor will provide monthly reports to the Church Board on ministry accomplishments and activities. The Board will conduct annual performance evaluations and review of the compensation package.




  1. In order to balance the needs of the congregation and the needs of the Pastor, the Pastor shall be entitled to the following leave:
  1.  One Sunday off every quarter, this allows for others to preach and for the Pastor to work other hours from time to time. The Pastor will ensure that the pulpit is filled during any absence.
  2. The following holidays will not be given: Good Friday, Easter and Christmas. Should the holiday fall on a church function day or a scheduled day off. The Pastor shall receive another day off in its place.
  3. Should the Pastor become ill or disabled to the extent he cannot perform his customary pastoral duties and responsibilities for 2 weeks he will need to ensure that the pulpit is filled during the absence.
  4. The Pastor shall be entitled to 5 days for emergency leave in the event of a death occurring within his or his spouse’s immediate family. This time shall not be carried over to the next year if unused.
  1. Compensation and Benefits – The Pastor’s hours, salary and benefits shall be established through the church’s budgetary process and will be negotiated between the Pastor and the church board. All salary and benefits are to be paid by the Church Treasurer.
  2. Resignation – Should the Pastor resign from his duties, he shall give a minimum of 2 months written notice to the Board. If he gives the required notice and has worked for more than 1 year he will receive all salary and benefits due up to the effective date of resignation.
  3. Termination – In the event the Board removes the Pastor pursuant to the Bylaws, employment may be terminated without notice.

On this ______day of____________in the year of our Lord__________all parties, in Christian love and mutual respect, set forth their signatures as acceptance of the above terms and conditions.




President of the Church Board

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