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Prescott Job Seekers: Job Hunting Myths

Over the course of your search for Prescott jobs, you have probably encountered some common and often repeated nuggets of information about job seeking. Some of them can be useful, but there are a lot of myths, misconceptions, and outright falsehoods. Here is a guide to most common ones, courtesy of Alison Green of U.S. News.

Myth #1: “It is all about who you know.” Everyone has heard this one at one point or the other. For the record, it is always a good idea to make contacts in the industry. When it comes down to it all, however, your skills, experience and the way you present yourself is what is going to land you that job. Not who you know.

Myth #2: “No one reads cover letters.” Try as we might, there is no way of finding out whether or not a hiring manager will read your letter or not. Unless the application process tells you in no uncertain terms not to submit one, just write a letter anyways.

Myth #3: “Employers will respond immediately if they are interested.” Don’t be surprised if you don’t hear back from an employer right away; response times can range anywhere from a week to a month (or longer than that), regardless of how interested they are in you.

Myth #4: “Resumes should only be one page.” The one page resume is no longer the standard. These days, two or even three page resumes are becoming increasingly common. If your education and previous experience exceeds one page, don’t worry about it.

By Kyle Wise

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